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Features of the Dailymealz app
Features of the Dailymealz app
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Learn about the features of the Dailymealz app:

various meals, different restaurants, distinguished customer service... and other features that help you save your time and achieve your comfort.

The Dailymealz app is easy and smooth to use.

The application offers different packages at prices that suit everyone (healthy, keto, diet, and mix).

Delivery of orders to the location you prefer (within the delivery range) and in a way that suits you. Orders can be delivered to the door of the house or office, or handed over to the security man or placed in front of the door...etc.

You can subscribe now and set a subscription start date that suits your needs.

Dailymealz app provides a qualified support team to help all users and solve the problems they face, whether with using the application, dealing with delivery personnel, delivery times, or anything else.

To save your time, subscribe to monthly or weekly Dailymealz packages, choose your meals, pay once, and enjoy for the duration of the subscription.

Choose your meals from the best restaurants in the Kingdom. The Dailymealz app cooperates with more than 120 restaurants.

You can modify data and meals at any time, even after completing the subscription. You can modify meals, delivery time, address, etc.

More than one payment method is available to suit all users.

Nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, fats) and calories for meals are displayed within the app.

The Dailymealz app offers huge offers and discounts on a regular and continuous basis.

You can stop the subscription for a day or several days by contacting customer service.

You can cancel your subscription and get a refund, minus the value of the meals received.

Watch these illustrative images of the features of the Dailymealz app and how to use it with ease:

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