How do I subscribe?
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The steps to sign up for Dailymealz are very easy and simple, you can read and apply these steps easily.

Through the in-app map, at the beginning of your registration steps, choose the delivery location you want if it is your workplace or home.

Then a list of the subscription plan will appear to you, choose the plan that is suitable for you and the date of subscription start.

After that, a page will appear in front of you full of different meals, choose your daily meal after looking at the suggested meals for you, or change the meal if you want.

On the Choose your daily meals page, you can choose the day off you want during the week from this button to the left of the day and date.

Fill in your complete data, through the plan confirmation page, which shows you the subscription days, with the ability to add a discount code, determine the appropriate delivery time for you from the suggested times, choose the payment method you prefer, and the total amount you pay.

Then the last step, a page with payment information will appear.

Finally, you will receive a message as soon as your subscription is activated through your email address registered in your data.

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