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How to select your meals?
How to select your meals?
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You can choose the meal menu after selecting the plan that is appropriate for you. These are the steps in detail:-

  1. Open the Dailymealz app

  2. Select the plan and package that you prefer

  3. Browse through the daily suggested meals menu

  4. Click the “Change Meal” button if you wish to select another one

You can also press the "Subscribe now" button at the end of the screen and the most requested meals will be automatically selected.

Important note:-

Meals are displayed based on availability at the delivery location. Therefore, you may notice that meals change if you change your address.

Please note that selecting or excluding any restaurants completely is not currently available.

The selection is made from the specified menu of restaurants and meals, and it is not possible to choose meals or restaurants that are not available during the specified day.

Watch this video to learn how to easily plan your meals:

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