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What are the packages offered by the Dailymealz application?
What are the packages offered by the Dailymealz application?
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The Dailymealz app offers customized packages and various diets. Learn about the types of packages below so that you can choose the plan that best suits you.

Dailymealz Packages

First: Lunch subscriptions (one lunch per day)

  • Healthy Subscription: This subscription provides a healthy and balanced meal that provides the nutrients the body needs on a daily basis. This subscription is ideal for all employees who are keen to maintain a healthy eating routine during their workday.

  • Mix subscription: This subscription is intended for those who love variety, as it offers meals from all packages in one subscription. You will find healthy meals, fast food meals as well as diet meals to achieve a balance between meals that maintain health and fitness and delicious meals that the soul desires.

Second: Full-day subscriptions (3 main meals) or (2 main meals)

  • Healthy Packages: These packages provide healthy and balanced meals that provide the nutrients the body needs on a daily basis. These packages are ideal for all those who want to follow a healthy diet that maintains their current weight and enhances immunity and health at the same time.

  • Keto packages: These packages provide meals specifically for keto diet followers. All meals are rich in healthy fats, low in carbohydrates, and moderate in protein. Keto meals feature careful selection of ingredients to ensure entering and maintaining ketosis.

  • Diet packages: Diet packages are intended for those who want to reach the ideal weight and achieve the dream of fitness. These meals rely on reducing calories in a way that allows weight loss without harming physical health. Meals are customized according to the subscriber's needs based on his/her own data; Gender, height, weight, age, and activity.

Note: Some packages are available in specific cities. You can find out about the packages available in your city through the application.

To subscribe and learn more details about the packages and menu, download the Dailymealz app:

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