How to request a refund
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To submit a subscription refund request, please contact a customer service representative through the “Help” button within the application.

A refund request will be submitted once complete information is received, and you will be notified when the request is completed via email.

The information required from the customer is:-

  1. The full name of the account holder,

  2. Name of the customer's bank,

  3. Bank account number IBAN (SA ************) - Please write the number and do not attach a copy of the account number, as the Dailymealz system does not allow Attach photos to recovery requests,

  4. Number of meals actually received.

Important information about canceling your subscription and getting a refund

  • Subscription cancellation and refund requests must be submitted 1 day in advance for lunch subscriptions and 72 hours in advance for full day subscriptions.

  • If you cancel your subscription before the above-mentioned period or during the meal delivery date, you will be charged for that registered meal or meals in accordance with the terms and conditions.

  • The refund request is processed within 7 to 15 working days from the date of receipt of the request, and the returned amount appears according to the policy of each bank separately.

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