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How to add a new address to my address list
How to add a new address to my address list
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New addresses can be added from within the “Account” tab by following the following steps

  1. Open the application

  2. Click on the “Account” menu at the bottom of the screen

  3. Select "My Addresses"

  4. From within the titles page, select “+Add” from the top right of the screen.

Note:- To activate the new address on your current subscription, you must change the active subscription address through the following steps:-

  1. Open the Dailymealz app

  2. Click on Subscriptions tab

  3. Choose active subscription

  4. You can change the entire subscription address in one step from the top, or change the address of specific meals or days by clicking on these meals or days, changing their address, and clicking Confirm Address.

​Please note that changing the address of effective subscriptions must be within the same city, and the address of existing subscriptions cannot be modified to other cities.

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